Our story

A story born from a strong connection to our land,
rich in gastronomic traditions and products of excellence.

Costa Ligure was born in 1988 from the ambitious desire of its founders to bring the scents and characteristic flavors of the genuine Mediterranean diet to worldwide tables.

Alongside the renowned product of our land, Pesto alla Genovese, we offer a wide and innovative range of high-quality products that reflects a food culture based on simple and natural ingredients.

The experience and the excellent reputation gained over more than 30 years of activity in the food industry led a small local company to become an important player on the international Made in Italy market.

Currently Costa Ligure is exporting its products under private label to over 25 countries worldwide,

glad to count, among its valued customers, prestigious brands and skilled professionals in the food industry.

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Food Safety

Costa Ligure works daily ensuring the highest level of food safety standards.

The main commitment of our company is to safeguard consumers’ health, creating safe products that comply with the current regulations on food safety. Our production facility, equipped with cutting-edge technologies, has been designed to ensure the highest levels of safety during every step of the production process.

Our internal Quality Control Laboratory, managed by highly qualified personnel, carries out rigorous daily tests and analyses in order to verify and guarantee the quality and safety of each production batch prior to the delivery.

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Research & Development

The R&D department is the heart of our company.

The activity of research and development has always played a key role in our company, as it enables us to respond promptly to constant changes in consumers’ tastes and preferences.

Our team is made up of skilled professionals who, with expertise and know how, regularly experiment with new ingredients and unusual flavor combinations to create outstanding products for a simple everyday cooking.

The commitment and the significant investment dedicated to research in over 30 years of activity, led Costa Ligure to become a strong competitor in the international food industry, able to offer the ideal solution for any specific dietary requirement related to intolerances, lifestyles or religious dictates.

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Quality & Raw Materials

We create with care and passion products of excellence inspired by the healthy Mediterranean diet.

Our recipes are created with simple and natural ingredients that contain the characteristic scents and flavors of our land. The basil we use to produce our pesto, as well as all the other raw materials, come from controlled and reliable crops, where the harvest takes place following the seasonal cycles of each vegetable in order to fully benefit from all its unique organoleptic characteristics.

We pay great attention to the selection of certified suppliers that can guarantee the high quality and safety standards that we require. We are aware that our success is mainly due to the quality of our products and to a responsible conduct towards consumers who every day renew their trust in our company.

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Ethics & Environment

Our business is based on strong ethical and moral values with a deep sense of responsibility towards consumers and environment.

We operate with the highest ethical standards, achieving our objectives in strict compliance with the laws and regulations in force. The relationship with our customers is characterized by clarity and full transparency, fundamental factors to build a solid commercial collaboration based on mutual trust.

We believe in the talent and professionalism of our employees; we recognize that they are the heart of our company and they have an active role in contributing to its success.

We are committed to protecting the environment through a careful management in all production phases minimizing the related environmental impacts and coplying with all applicable environmental legislation and sustainability commitments.

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We believe in quality in terms of goodness and safety of a product, continually investing to improve our production standards.

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Our Land

Costa Ligure has its headquarters in Liguria, an enchanting region in north-western Italy enclosed between mountains and sea, home of the renowned pesto alla Genovese, appreciated all over the world.

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